Premises Liability/Slip and Fall Cases in Yakima

It is the responsibility of property owners to keep their property safe for anyone who may enter, particularly as it pertains to businesses that invite customers. This means minimizing risks, removing hazards, and providing proper warnings for any hazards that cannot be mitigated. This is why there are wet floor signs, guard rails, and warning signs. But things go wrong and people get hurt.
If you were hurt on someone else’s property in a preventable incident, you might have a premise’s liability claim. This means your injuries were a direct result of the property owner’s negligence, making them responsible for picking up your medical bills and any other damages you suffered.


Damages Available in Premises Liability Cases

The damages available for victims of premises liability incidents are in line with the damages available to victims in any personal injury case. If you were injured, or the incident made an existing injury worse, you could receive compensation for the resulting medical bills. If the incident caused permanent, disabling damage, the property owner could be responsible for covering your lost wages and/or disability benefits. If the incident resulted in you breaking a precious item in your possession, the property owner may be responsible for replacing, refunding, or compensating the cost of repairing the item. Finally, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and the time/hassle consumed in obtaining treatment may be compensable.


Filing a Claim in Yakima

Before you file a premises liability claim, you need to make sure it has been reviewed by a lawyer – specifically an experienced lawyer. A poorly planned premises liability case can cost more than it’s worth for the victim and does little more than inconvenience the property owner.


To ensure you have a well-supported claim, you will need to have proof of damages. For injuries, you will need medical evidence showing the injuries were caused by the incident – typically medical records and doctor testimony. If you are claiming property damage, you will need proof the property was damaged in the incident, as well as an evaluation of the value of the property before and after the incident. A good lawyer will be able to tell you if your case is strong. A great lawyer will make it even stronger.


Get Help from Bulldog Tough Injury Lawyers

Premises liabilities cases can be tough to win, which is why your support needs to be even tougher. The Attorneys of Brumback & Ottem are proud to be bulldog tough and won’t let go until you get the compensation you are owed.

As soon as we take your case, we understand time is of the essence and we won’t stop until the case is finished. We will work tirelessly to build your case up and tear theirs down. When property owners cut corners regarding safety, people get hurt. We work to hold them accountable.

If you have been injured in a premises liability incident, contact the lawyers of Brumback & Ottem. We’ll review your case and will stand by your side.