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"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing"

Wiley’s amazing strength and perseverance really shined through over the final years of his life. He battled through numerous health issues, more than anyone should have to endure. Through it all, Wiley maintained a positive attitude and gave it his all right up until the end. And for sure, Wiley, despite his hardships, acted with great grace and humility. He knew well what it was like to be disabled towards the end, just as many of his beloved clients knew too well in their own personal battles. Wiley passed away in February of 2013. He got the most out of every 24 hours of every day of his life. His motto was “anything worth doing is worth overdoing,” and he certainly lived by it. He will be truly missed.


Wiley was born in 1936 at Farwell Texas. When he was very young, his father moved the family to Yakima, Washington to work in the fruit orchards. Shortly after they arrived in Yakima, Wiley’s father was killed in an orchard accident. This single event truly remained with Wiley throughout his life.

Wiley attended high school at Yakima High School and graduated in 1954. He then worked as a caddy at the Yakima Country Club and became quite an accomplished golfer. Because of this experience, he earned a golf scholarship to attend the University of Oregon. Wiley also attended Yakima Junior College and graduated from the University of Oregon followed by graduation from the University of Idaho School of Law.

After graduating college and law school, Wiley returned to Yakima where he began a long and distinguished legal career as a Deputy Prosecutor with the Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. There, he developed many close personal and professional relationships there and was highly respected as an extremely able trial attorney by attorneys and judges alike.

After nearly five years as a Deputy Prosecutor, Wiley went into private practice. After a short time as a junior associate with a local law firm, he became a partner as a trial lawyer. Wiley’s law practice and prominence grew. He worked in many different areas of the law before focusing on Personal Injury and Labor and Industry claims. Wiley’s legal skills grew and he successfully developed systems for more effectively handling cases. Other attorneys emulated his systems, and he ended up mentored many attorneys in developing their own legal practices. He developed many deep and meaningful lifelong friendships and professional associations.

Wiley Hurst and Associates was founded in 1989, focusing his practice to Personal Injury and Labor and Industry claims. In 1998 he partnered with Scott Brumback; and in 2001 the addition of Joseph Brusic created today’s firm of Hurst Brumback & Brusic. Expanding their scope to include Social Security Disability claims, Wiley, Scott & Joe were able to help more people with severe disabilities.