Yakima, Washington car accident

Accidents in Yakima come in a variety of forms, with a variety of impacts. In the case of accidents involving two or more cars, injuries can be severe, but are often limited by the protective nature of everyone being in their own personal vehicles. In cases involving a motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian, there is often little to no physical protection in place for the person not in the car.  Getting hit by a vehicle whether you are protected or not can cause serious damage to both people and property.

No matter your vehicle, Brumback & Ottem will defend you if injured in an automobile accident. We understand the impact an accident can have on your livelihood and we will work with you to get your life back on track.


Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Yakima


Car Accidents

Accidents between cars occur every day in Yakima and in every city across the state and the country. The results of a car accident can range from little to no property damage, all the way up to catastrophic injury and death, with a majority of incidents landing on the more minor end of the spectrum. But just because an accident didn’t result in a major injury doesn’t mean it didn’t have a major impact.


Truck Accidents

Yakima truck accidents are often catastrophic. The sheer force of a commercial truck is enough to crush almost any personal car along with anyone inside. Due to these risks, it is up to trucking companies to ensure their drivers are well trained, their equipment is well maintained, and both the company and the driver are sufficiently insured.

Here at Brumback & Ottem, we have firsthand experience with the devastating impact a truck accident can have. That’s why we work hard to determine fault and get victims the compensation they need as soon as possible.


Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles and their riders are at high risk on the roadways, given their lack of physical protection and their decreased visibility to other drivers due to their size. Motorcyclists often get cut off or go unnoticed by other drivers, making some motorcycle accidents almost inevitable.

But just because they’re inevitable doesn’t mean they’re without fault or consequences. Motorcyclists often sustain serious injuries, and most accidents are avoidable. While motorcyclists are often criticized for reckless riding, they are often some of the most attentive drivers on the road and it’s the reckless drivers around them who cause accidents. This is why the lawyers of Brumback & Ottem work diligently to determine the fault in your case. Your voice deserves being heard.


Pedestrian Accidents

When driving a car or a truck you have some protection. You are surrounded by literally tons of metal, seatbelts, and airbags. Pedestrians don’t have these same protections. When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, there is nothing between them and the full force of the car, truck, or motorcycle. It is these lack of physical protections that have led to further legal protections for pedestrians. These come in the form of increased right of way and more laws that side with pedestrians. It is the responsibility of drivers to be aware of everyone who might be on or near the road.


Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are often forced to share the road with motor vehicles, with absolutely no barrier between them and traffic. When vehicles fail to give proper clearance or don’t notice riders behind or next to them, accidents happen. Since there’s very little protecting bikers apart from helmets, injuries can be severe.

When vehicles fail to follow the laws put in place to protect bikers, they should be held accountable. The lawyers of Brumback & Ottem are here to fight for you and keep you from financial devastation from your medical bills.